Non Toxique Lost: Pourquoi De Paix?

Non Toxique Lost: Pourquoi De Paix?
This was one of the very first license releases of Calypso Now, and also the first cassette of Non Toxique Lost, originally on their Can-Can Label, 1983.
From their portrait on Discogs: " N.T.L. was one of the pioneer group in the German industrial scene of the 80ies. Using metal plates or percussions, analogue synths and electronics, effects, shouting vocals... their sound was a mix of rough experiments and structured abrasive industrial tracks... industrial music in the way it was meant to be...but not just that. The deutsche style you can hear while listening the "early" (not so early) Einstuerzende Neubauten is evident... Obsessive patterns "industrial-style", old-fashioned-drum machines, analogue synth, filters and guitars, the vocals is both martial (...deutsche speakers' emphasis, how could we live without it!!)"

This cassette here responds quite well to the 'martial' from the portrait above, and I especially like the fact that they use song structures built with very noise synthesizers, it's all electro, but very analog, you can even hear a feedback from the synths. Great - really blasts when played loud, but also good for meditation when played at low volume. A tape for every household, no joking.

A1 	  	Ich Sah Hanoi Sterben 		
A2 	  	Ga Leschi Gambi 		
A3 	  	Er Liebt 		
A4 	  	Mseq 		
A5 	  	Kriegstanz 		
A6 	  	Condor (Extract) 		
B1 	  	Zufrieden 		
B2 	  	Überleben 		
B3 	  	Was Ihr Braucht 		
B4 	  	Wer Keinen Schmerz Mehr Spürt 		
B5 	  	Might It Be Sailing? 		
B6 	  	Eigentlich Verstehen Wir Unsere Freunde Nicht 		
B7 	  	Mit Rita Über Die Gleise


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