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Sonique Suisse (…Alternative Soundscapes From Switzerland)

Sonique Suisse (…Alternative Soundscapes From Switzerland)
Released in 1988, reissued in 2010. Compiled for Carl Howard's Audiofile Label (USA). C90 cassette.
A1 	Ix-Ex-Splue  -  	What A Day 		
A2 	Nuage Du Courage  -  	Berner Vokalsolisten 		
A3 	Bir  -  	Gaudenz Meint 		
A4 	Showertwins  -  	Take A Walk On The Wild Side 		
A5 	Pull My Daisy (2)  -  	Envoye 		
A6 	Young Gods*  -  	Feu 		
A7 	Rubirosa (2)  -  	Afghan 		
A8 	Melx  -  	Melx's 		
A9 	Fluid Mask  -  	Baby I Love You 		
A10 	16-17  -  	Untitled 		
A11 	Fløwerchildren  -  	I Wanna Be Free 		
A12 	Mother's Monsters  -  	I Wanna Be Your Dog 		
B1 	Andres Bosshard  -  	National Heritage #7 		
B2 	Der Vorschnelle Griff  -  	Fright-Day Night 		
B3 	Schutz-Wittwer  -  	Fur Leo Fender 		
B4 	City Wildlife  -  	Dreams 		
B5 	Gorki Park*  -  	Aus Der Hohle 		
B6 	Judith Borgula  -  	Shit Pop Melody 		
B7 	Blanche Fesse Et Les 7 Mains  -  	Futbol Cubulu 		
B8 	Sunnymoon  -  	Untitled 		
B9 	Vendrame*  -  	Sch/Sch/A 		
B10 	Guz  -  	St. Tropez Bar 		
B11 	Bermuda Idiots  -  	Janos Kadar

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