Splendid - The Sound Of Young Switzerland - The 1984 Cassingles

Splendid - The Sound Of Young Switzerland - The 1984 Cassingles
"Calypso Now Cassingles 'Splendid - The Sound Of Young Switzerland' came out in winter 1984 in a series of seven cassettes, neatly packed in covers LP-sized designed by Martin Schori. This sampler has been made up for sale in other countries, as the postage for one original cassingle is pretty expensive, due to their size and weight." From the cassette cover. Limited edition, each copy numbered. From original analog master to fresh cassettes.
A1 	Der Böse Bub Eugen*  -  	Der Lange Mann 		
A2 	Ladyshave  -  	Crime Theme 		
A3 	Der Zivilschutz  -  	Gibt Es Dich? 		
A4 	Blue China  -  	Miracle 		
A5 	Sanctuaire  -  	Dog Forever 		
A6 	Unknownmix  -  	Kiss Forever 		
A7 	Delirium Tremens (3)  -  	Contort Yourself 		
A8 	Delirium Tremens (3)  -  	Publicité 		
B1 	Der Böse Bub Eugen*  -  	Leichenwagen 		
B2 	Ladyshave  -  	It's Coming Up 		
B3 	Der Zivilschutz  -  	Mystic 		
B4 	Blue China  -  	The Rut 		
B5 	Sanctuaire  -  	Winter 		
B6 	Unknownmix  -  	Django 		
B7 	Delirium Tremens (3)  -  	Oublie Ca 		
B8 	Delirium Tremens (3)  -  	Ta Vie
About the bands: 'Der Lange Mann' was the first minor hit by Der Boese Bub Eugen, who were kind of the thinking girl's fun punk band.
Ladyshave were three punk teddies from Zurich with Enzo Esposito, who later became a famous comedian.
Blue China were certainly the most prolific band on the sampler, led by Rudolph Dietrich, who was the first swiss punk to have a major label contract (and to lose it almost immediately again, which resulted in his single 'No Claim With Bluff And Swindle'). A great supporter of young bands and a great musician!
Delirium Tremens were three skinhead punks from the Jura mountains, luckily they are here with four songs (instead of two like the other bands). It was their only release, and it's a real shame, they would have been a fantastic single band!
Sanctuaire and Zivilschutz were local wave bands who never really made it, the one being gloomy and dark, the other more upbeat and synthetic. Zivilschutz had a cult following among early techno lovers, and one can hear why that's so. They were quite special, mixing synths with a trombone!
Unknownmix made me buy the master to the tracks here from swiss radio, where the studio recordings were made, and then never mentioned the cassingle in their discography. Time heals everything ;-)
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