Soft Touch

Soft Touch
An international compilation from 1988, tracks from otherwise released cassettes, all rather leftfield and highly original, that's why these tracks were chosen.

Rerelease of 2010 in full coloured cover (original was b/w). Comes with inserts.

A1 	Baby Jail  -  	Sad Movies 		
A2 	Sons Of Bitches (2)  -  	Slave Laborer 		
A3 	Jonathan X. & Black Heat  -  	Might Is Right 		
A4 	Synthetic Products  -  	Spiced Pussy 		
A5 	SD (5)  -  	Give Peace A Chance 		
B1 	Wigglepig  -  	The Beast's Litterbox 		
B2 	Flowers Of Evil  -  	Kamikaze 		
B3 	Aminarcana  -  	They Said I Couldn't Rock 		
B4 	Eneik-Shis-Doh  -  	Force! 		
B5 	Renegade Raspberry Retaliation  -  	
        Ronnie's Navy (Pressgang Mix) 

This compilation is just one big fun to listen to, that's why I absolutely had to rerelease it!

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