Non Toxique Lost: Pourquoi De Musique?

Non Toxique Lost: Pourquoi De Musique?
Rerelease of this 1984 cassette. It was already licensed to Calypso Now back then, and now Sea Wanton supports us again by allowing this rerelease from the original master we used back then!
A1 	  	Montmatre 		
A2 	  	BASF 		
A3 	  	Ga Leschi Gambi 		
A4 	  	Ga Leschi Gambi 		
A5 	  	München Um 6 		
A6 	  	Nach Der Arbeit 		
A7 	  	Konkret (Winston Churchill) 		
B1 	  	Stück Für MW 2 (Winston Churchill) 		
B2 	  	Zufall (A) (Z) 		
B3 	  	Ther-Czeillo (Laughing Boy Stephen) 		
B4 	  	PDG 		
B5 	  	Ich Kann-Ich Will 		
B6 	  	Hello Hello 		
B7 	  	2x Verloren 
In my mind this was the strangest tape Non Toxique Lost released in their early days. It seems to be a compilation of other very early tapes, musically it starts rather calm, sometimes it even reminds me of Sonic Youth, it has a lot of Krautrock tradition in it too, then on side 2 it gets harsh and the synthesizers sound rusty. This tape did grow over the years since its first release in 1984.

C60 chrome.  First copies come in special laquered cassette!


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