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Minutes To Go

This cassette was released by Calypso Now in 1983, and there's still some demand for it. I recently found the original masters and some covers, so here's while it lasts. You have one side of a C90 with sort of ambient punk improvisations by people who have quite a cult following now, and one side of a reading of a military report about the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Cassette comes with the original 8-page mini booklet.
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A1 	Patio Table – 	Barbarism With A Human Face

    Guitar – Sue Ann Harkey
    Vocals [Oratory] – Ug'Ly*
    Saxophone – Cri (2) 

A2 	Crazy Hearts – 	Born Again To Be Atomized / Get Out!

    Guitar – Bryon B., Greg Grimmel
    Vocals – Vicki R. (2)
    Bass – David Cheever
    Drums – Ted Parsons 

A3 	Savage Republic – 	Kill The Fascists 		
A4 	Savage Republic – 	When All Else Fails 		
A5 	Attrition – 	Day I Was Born

    Vocals, Drum Programming – Martin Bowes
    Synthesizer, Keyboards – Ashley Niblock
    Vocals, Bass – Chryss 

A6 	Attrition – 	Possessed

    Vocals, Drum Programming – Martin Bowes
    Synthesizer, Keyboards – Ashley Niblock
    Vocals, Bass – Chryss 

A7 	Arsenal (3) – 	Nuclear Power Is Perfectly Safe 		
A8 	Crap (3) – 	Oprør 		
A9 	K7SS – 	Ground Zero Lullaby

    Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming – James Husted
    Horns, Keyboards, Drum Programming – Danny Eskenazi 

A10 	Haters, The – 	
Eye Don't Want Any Wars And Eye Don't Want Peace
A11 	Reagan Youth – 	True Freedom Is Anarchy

    Guitar – Paul Cripple
    Vocals, Lyrics By – Dave Insurgent
    Bass – Al Poe*
    Drums – Steve* 

A12 	Kitchen Table Ensemble – 	For The General Refusal Of Work

    Guitar – Sue Ann Harkey
    Synthesizer – Jeffrey Bartone
    Vocals – Robin James (2)
    Vocals [Oratory] – Deran Ug'ly 

B1 	No Artist – 	
US Strategy Bombing Survey "Report On The Effects Of The Atombomb In Hiroshima And Nagasaki" 		
B2 	Minimal Man (2) – 	Slave Lullabye 		

    * Compiled By – Craig B., Jeannette V., Larry C. (2)


This was compiled and first issued by Ministry Of Culture in New York. 
The tape came with 10 inserts with band info (except for Minimal Man,
whose track is not listed on the cover). Licensed from Ministry Of Culture.

A1 recorded live July 1982
A3, A4 recorded live October 1981, 
Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, Arizona.
A5, A6 recorded summer 1982 at Black Prince Studio.
A11 recorded in Steve's basement.
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