Bob Roke: A View From Here

Bob Roke: A View From Here
Bob Roke was a member of Years On Earth, who made three wonderful tapes in the mid 80's, two of them were also released here by Calypso Now, and they were among my all-time favorites, with a strange blend between Cabaret Voltaire, ambient noise and really fantastic synthesizer sounds. These tapes will be rereleased here, by the way!

When reviving the cassette label I was wishing so much to find a contact to YOE, and by very lucky coincidence at the same time a CD is dropped in my mailbox from Bob Roke, sending me a solo work he had done in 2003.

And so I am very happy to present this solo work of Bob as the fourth production of Years On Earth. The three previous works by the duo will also be released here by Calypso Now - highly recommended!

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