Stereo Cassette Player and Walkman

Stereo Cassette Player and Walkman

Very rare, UK-design. New in original package! Introductory Price!

Very cool item, me thinks

Works also with external amplifier or computer sound card!

Stereo Bicycle Cassette Player. I bought a bulk for my customers who do not have a tape deck or who want a very special player to take with you. Works with 4 AA/UM-3 batteries only, has two stereo loudspeakers, earphones can be plugged in a stereo output! Works very good, considering the price! Comes with bicycle unit and screws like you see on the photo. Can also be carried around using the strap that comes with the player. This is only available to customers who buy or bought cassettes from the Calypso Now shop! I got several dozens rather cheap from somebody on ebay, just for you out there!

To use with external equipment you only need an audio cable (stereo jack -> cinch). I can enclose one for +12 CHF, just let me know.

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