Stereo Double Cassette Deck M-Electronic D-1100

Stereo Double Cassette Deck M-Electronic D-1100

Stereo Double Cassette Deck from the 80's, as vintage as it can get!

Secondhand, only available to Swiss Calypso Now customers

Very unusual double cassette deck: You can play two cassettes at the same time, unfortunately you can not mix the volume, they just play back as recorded. Other features: continuos play, and there's a synchro button, I do not know what it does, though. Tape selection on deck A is automatic, on deck B manual for normal, chrome and metal tape.

How I tested

I did fast forward a C60 cassette, took 104 seconds. Played back deck A and B, listened through high quality earphones, no problem detected, the sound is good and clear. The tape heads look allright to me, the capstans show signs of use. Opened the lid, inside all is very clean, so the person who owned it took good care, it seems. The motors are made by Sankyo Taiwan, so I think the whole machine comes from there. M-Electronic is the brand of Migros, and they had their machines manufactured by others. I tested all the functions on both decks (playing, winding, rewinding), and it all works fine, you can change between playback, wind, rewind without stopping, I had a very good impression on the mechanical side.

Before I forget: Of course the tape deck is housed in a full metal case, and so is the lid! Just amazing. After all this testing and playing around with it, I almost hate to give it away.

This tape deck can only be sold in Switzerland, and you must be a customer of Calypso Now, which means you did or do buy of our tapes, of course.

PS: in the meantime I also tested the dubbing function. Interesting: you can play back a tape and start recording at any time on the other deck, it starts copying at the same time. Or you can start recording, play back part of a cassette, pause the recording, change the cassette in deck A, then continue copying with that other cassette. Or you can hit the synchro button, press Record on deck B, play on A, and it starts copying. You can also use high speed dubbing. I listened to a copy of a tape I made for the test, it loses some treble, which is quite normal for a machine of that period, but overall the quality is surprisingly good.
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