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Starspot Compilation

Starspot Compilation
The original from 1989, numbered! Some of the original tapes have been found in a box here, it will be deleted after that.


  	Hype & Run Side
A1 	Der Boese Bub Eugen*  -  	Der Lange Mann 		
A2 	Trash Boys  -  	Angustias 		
A3 	Michael Angele  -  	Nazis 		
A4 	Bermuda Idiots  -  	Janos Kadar Remains 		
A5 	Pull My Daisy (2)  -  	Boys Lie 		
A6 	Kleopatra Ramses  -  	Lord Lester 		
B1 	Fish Karma & Headaches*  -  	Die Like A Dog 		
B2 	Averells  -  	I Killed My Girl's Best Friend 		
B3 	Steven Tetzloff  -  	Waiting (For The Bomb) 		
B4 	Dani Hitzig  -  	Sugar Sugar 		
B5 	Rik Rue  -  	Yodel

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