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The G-String Murders

The G-String Murders
Superb compilation of leftfield artists, punk and experimental songwriting, not the usual mix of always the same international industrial artists. Reissue of the 1985 original, but garantied not remastered - you get the true vintage sound here, copied from the original reel-to-reel master tape. Full color cover copied from original cover master. (Original release was red and white).
A1 	Costes  -  	Chanson No. 7 		
A2 	Steff Gbh*  -  	Geh Mit Mir Ins Meer 		
A3 	Ausnahmezustand  -  	Let's Fight 		
A4 	Maybe Mental  -  	My Son 		
A5 	Fetus In Fetu  -  	Untitled 		
A6 	Bullwix  -  	Arbeit Macht Frei 		
A7 	Faceless (10)  -  	Safety Of Your Bed 		
B1 	Graham Palmer  -  	Cybernetic Alternatives 		
B2 	Black Iron Prison  -  	Seven Theses 		
B3 	Eat (4)  -  	Let's 		
B4 	Hans Hendrickx  -  	Perumarque 		
B5 	Introverts (2)  -  	Ted Kennedy's Car 		
B6 	Domino Theory (3)  -  	This Is Maintenance 		
B7 	Running Deer And The Coyotes*  -  	Computer Sex 		
B8 	Malcolm Ryder  -  	Dreadful Mistake 		
B9 	Vito Ricci  -  	Day One 		
B10 	Scientific Americans, The  -  	Cellblock Rock 
With swiss punk bands Ausnahmezustand, Bullwix and Eat, also Faceless from Basel - all very hard to find elsewhere, if ever! Plus prolific international acts with early recordings. Makes for great listening, guaranteed.
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