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Stude: Ds Läbe Vor Em Tod

Stude: Ds Läbe Vor Em Tod

You don't have to understand one word of what he sings, maybe you won't - it's our regional lingo you'll hear, called "bärndütsch" - sort of swiss german.

This man is just a bag full of surprises - not only he's a master of the word, but he's probably one of the better dub artists in the country. I'm always taken by his rhythmic figures on the bass, you'll like it too, 100% guaranteed.

15 songs recorded with various local musicians from Nick Porsche, Puts Marie, Big Zis and others, songs about female truck drivers, the Migros Restaurant Grenchen, his daughter (who also sings some bits), animals in the zoo, well, too much to go on here - listen to it yourself.

This tape is for all rockin' ages from 6 years on - it's one of my all time favorites already, and it will sell out soon, I've just got some leftovers here, the others have already been sold, we made about 120 copies only!

Now also available on CD on the Langusta label, using our original art work, proudly made with Microsoft WordArt! Harharhar...

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