Golden Hour Of Evan Schoenfeld

28 tracks Evan Schoenfeld recorded 1984 - 1988, released on Calypso Now cassettes at the time. Schoenfeld was sort of an outsider of the Seattle scene of the 80's, more at home with the psychedelic pop of Green Pajamas ("Kim The Waitress"). Members of the band appear on some tracks. He's Rock'n'Roll, Dada, Glam, very european in a sense, very special too. One of our all time faves, Evan Schoenfeld! Schoenfeld had some interest from a european record label in 1988, that's the last I know of him really. The label folded, the grunge hype came, Calypso Now went into hybernation, and these recordings were a bit forgotten. But plans for this compilation exist since 1988 - now it's finally been done. Tracks taken from I Ching, Calypso Now 1984 The Return Of The 12th Imam, Calypso Now 1986 Party In The Suburb Of The Sun, Calypso Now 1987 Indoor Games, Calypso Now 1988 First five cassettes copies onto tapes from the estate of the late Arnaud Mendez (1969 - 2016). Numbered on cover and inlay XX/50.
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