Golden Hour Of Steven Tetzloff

30 tracks Steven Tetzloff recorded in 1984 - 1985, released on Calypso Now cassettes at the time. Plus some tracks from 1982 he recorded with a band, these are practically impossible to find. Tetzloff was staying in San Francisco at the time, obviously looking for a band project and doing these home recordings in the mean time. I do not know, if that's the way it was, just an impression. Impossible to ask Tetzloff about that, he can not be found any where and seems to have simply vanished. A pity because there were also other labels trying to find him on the basis of these tapes that were all released by Calypso Now. Whenever I play this music in my house, guests take notice. Yes, Tetzloff plays with a crummy sounding guitar, rhythm comes from an old Casio VL-1 keyboard, he uses great garage rock effects with a lot of taste, sometimes he's joined by heavy power electronics - a forgotten gem, honestly! Tracks taken from Beautitude 1984 Buzzworld 1984 Flyspecks Buzzworld 1985 Kneel Down And Pray, Cuts 1982 (Meteor Face Tapes only) First five cassettes copies onto tapes from the estate of the late Arnaud Mendez (1969 - 2016). Numbered on cover and inlay XX/50.
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